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Related post: Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 20:33:56 -0800 From: Andrew Subject: Revelation Chapter 1Dear Readers, This story contains homosexual content, so if ya aren't into that, or if you're too young, don't pthc board jp read it! I just wanted to give a quick thanks to Joey E. for inspiring this pthc kiddie nude story. If you guys haven't read Joey's "Collision", go read it! /nifty/gay/highschool/collisionWell, anyway, enjoy the story. If you want to give me feedback, e-mail me at Thanks!Andy Revelation "Brad..." I 15 years pthc pushed harder and harder. "Brad, this is taking forever... Are you ever going to come?" Was this really happening to me? I finally got my break, and I was fucking it all up. "So much for a great first time," she said, climbing off of me. Julia. She was beautiful. She had long brown hair that seemed to amplify every movement that she made, and her lips were something else. I had only kissed them once before tonight. "Babe, don't go." I got out of the bed as she picked up her scattered clothes and started to dress. She turned around and just kds tgp pthc looked at me. She wasn't mad. Maybe it was pity. Did she feel sorry for me? Her eyes seemed to say, "It wasn't your fault." "The magic was gone after the first ten minutes," she said. My heart broke. I looked real cp bbs pthc down at my now limping penis. How could you? You failed pthc imageboard me when I needed you the most. All you had to do was squirt a little, is that so much to ask? "It's alright. I won't tell anyone." She slipped on her shirt and walked out my bedroom door. "Damnit," I said, under my breath. I wanted to chase after her, but I knew there was no point. After a few seconds, I ran out pthc hussyfan bbs nude my door, down the stairs and to the front door. She was already walking down the concrete path, lit by soft, pthc illegal xxx proibida dim lights lined along the edges. "I'm sorry," I half yelled to her. She turned her head around and winked at me. * * * It was Monday. I woke up with a headache. I had been thinking too hard about what had happened Saturday night, and I rubbed my temple. I pulled the sheets off of myself, and got dressed. As soon as I was done with breakfast, I got my pack and began my walk to school. My highschool wasn't great, but it had pretty nice facilities. At least it was close, but it wouldn't have mattered by now. I was sixteen, and I could have gotten my drivers license, but I hadn't because my family didn't exactly have money pthc laura british to spare. I was alright with it. My classes were boring, as usual. I saw Julia a few times, and she waved, but pthc children I didn't want to think about it. What a catastrophe! I could never forgive pthc kds best sites myself. "Hey Brad," I heard a familiar voice say. I truned around. "Hey Matt." Matt was my best friend. He was also a Junior. He was about 5'10" and had short, blonde hair with fotoplenka pthc icy blue eyes. The girls went crazy over him. Not to say that I didn't put the same spell over them. I was also around 5'10", but I had light brown hair and olive green eyes. We had been friends for as long as I could remember. We weren't always *great* friends (we had our ups and downs), but we always xmas pthc bounced back. He had his arm around his girlfriend, Kate. "How you been, buddy? links teenies pthc You look awful." "Thanks," I replied, "you too." He smiled. "We can talk later," I concluded. That smile. It was pthc 07 so.... handsome? "Wait, am I thinking?" I thought to myself. "Matt is...Matt. A guy, he owns a penis." I backed away from him a bit. "See you later." Next period was gym. teenie pthc I hurried to the locker room and started to change. Damn, I was late. There were only a few people other than me, and they started clearing out. Soon, there was only one guy left. pthc rompl He must have been a Senior or something, because I hadn't seen him around before... Without thinking, I started checking out his toned body. He was probably around 6' and he had warm brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. I shuddered as I realized what I was doing. "Get these thoughts out of your head," I said to myself. I rushed out of the locker room, and on my way out bumped pthc 2003 into him. "Sorry," I said to him. He looked down at me and smiled. God, he was hot. Screw the paranoia, child porn pedo pthc I wouldn't care if he whipped out his cock right then and asked me to suck it. He was that hot. "You a Senior?" I said to him on our way out. "Nah, I just got here. I'm a Junior." "Ahh, I thought you looked a little short for bbs russian amateur pthc a 12th grader, but who knows." "Well, I guess you must be in my class, eh?" He grinned. "Sure. I probably am." Damn, I wished I had x-ray vision, so I could look right pthc pic forum through that thin shirt of his, pthc hardcore or, pthc model art pics even better, his shorts. When I looked back up at his face, I russian porn pthc saw that his eyes were on me, too. He stopped once he had realized that I had seen him. We hurried to class, and my eyes were glued to him the whole period. I pthc download couldn't believe I was actually checking out a guy, but I hoped he was feeling the same way about me. It was weird, like I had just made a transformation. Was I gay? Maybe that was why I couldn't come with Julia. That had to be it. Oh god, though. Once I started thinking about the possibility that I *was* gay, I wanted beat myself. How could I be? Of course I didn't want to be! All that night I thought about him. I decided I must be a fag. How else could I asstr pthc explain everything. For the first time in a long while, I cryed. It's gonna ruin my whole life, I thought to myself. * * * "Hey Eric." It was that Friday. I had thought about him a lot since then. I decided at least I could befriend him. If anything happened, it happened. But he wasn't gay, I was sure of it... or was I? If he was straight, then why would he be checking me out? Maybe I was just imagining it. Anyway, we were on the phone. "Hey Brad, how ya doin'?" "Great, just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out tonight." "Um, sure!" He sounded happy to have anything to do on a Friday night in a new town. "Hey, thanks for guestbook lol pthc kids takin' me in." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Well, bein' at a new school is hard. You know? I'm just glad I ran into you." "Anytime." "Well, board pthc art I guess I'll be over pthc porn cp there in a few." He hung up. God, it seemed like it took forever, but when I looked at the clock, it had only taken him about ten minutes to arrive. My parents weren't home because they imgboard pthc jp worked a young pthc bbs lot, and my older brother was probably out smoking with some of his friends. I 15 yo pthc vid opened the door. "Hey, bbs ranchi pthc man." He said. God he was hot. I wanted him so bad, even if it was wrong. "C'mon in." He came in and pthc pthc ranchi rompl sat down on the couch. "So what you wanna do?" "I rented a few movies. Figured maybe you'd want to watch?" "Sure". We went down to the basement, which was kind of like our den. It had a nice projection TV and everything. A pthc photos sex kids computer, a stereo system, a smaller bed in the corner. He turned off the lights while I popped the movie into the VCR. We sat down on the couch. The movie was pretty boring, and, needless to say, I fell alseep halfway through. When I woke up, geocities pthc there was static little pthc girl on the screen, and pthc erection pre cum the TV was muted. I wondered how long ago the movie had pthc girl love ended. crazy baby mazok pthc Then, I realized that in my sleep, I had rolled over onto Eric, and my head was resting on his crotch. I didn't dare pthc images forum move an inch. This ohdaddy pthc was embarassing! pthc hardcore pedo Soon, it occurred to me that there was something hard under my head. I was sure it was his cock, and it felt rediculously big, too. God, it was hot. I top site pthc got a boner, too, and I think he noticed it, because he shook me and said, "Wake up, dude. The movie is over." Faking a yawn, I got up and stretched my arms. "Sorry.." "It's alright, it was pretty boring anyway." He flashed a smile that mesmerized me. God, I wanted to german world sexe pthc put my head back down on his lap. "You wanna spend pthc bbs cp pthc the night here?" I asked, hopefully. "Sure!" his eyes glistened, and I lol pthc forum could see the reflection pthc binsearch of the static in them. "It might not be that fun though, seeing as I'm pretty tired." I yawned pix pthc forum again, but this nude teenmodel pthc time it was a real one. "It's alright," he said, still smiling. We both got up and I looked up at pthc ptsc pics bbs the clock. "Damn, it's 11." "Let's set up kdquality pthc bbs the bed," he said. "I'll sleep on the floor," I replied. What was that look on his face? Was it dissapointment? "...Unless you want to share the bed," I said with a giggle. "It's alright with pthc cp teen me," he said. I felt like screaming with joy, and I bet I looked a little too happy also. I pulled the covers out of the closet, and made the bed while he went upstairs and brushed his teeth, etc. I stripped down to my boxers and slipped into the bed. I scooted over to the far end of the bed, because I didn't want to smother him or anything. (Especially if he were to turn out to be pthc search straight.) I must have drifted off or something, or maybe he was just up there a pthc vicky english long time, but when he came down, I was close to sleep. I opened my eyes and watched him undress. Of course, it was dark, so I wasn't worried about him seeing me. God, he had a great body. In the process of watching him, I got hard. He slipped in and looked over at me, but I closed my eyes so that he would think I was asleep. "G'night, buddy," he said pthc top site as he reached over and rubbed my shoulder. I wanted to jump onto him and kiss him. Apparently, he must hc pthc have believed my little pthc mpegs sleeping act, because he pushed the covers down so his body was exposed. He pulled out his cock, and started stroking. God, it was so pthc modles hot! I was so hard. He was stroking more and more, and I wanted to see him come. I twitched, and he must pthc taboo have seen it, because he looked over at me, scared. "Brad, you awake?" He was still looking at me. I faked a grunt, and pretended to "wake up". He started to put his cock back. "Hey bud," I said sleepily. "I thought you were asleep..." "Yea, I was," I lied. "Brad, can pthc bbs zep ranchi I ask you something?" His eyes glistened in the dark. I was still hard as ever. "Sure." "That one day, when we met....were you checking me out?" I froze. What should I say? "To tell the truth," I replied... He was waiting for it. "I was...I'm sorry." His eyes archive ls model pthc lit up. "Don't be! childporn pthc bbs ... To tell the truth I was lookin' at you, too..." "Really?" "Yea...." There was an awkward silence. Where do we go now? It pthc sex jpeg was cold, and I pulled the new pthc fotos free covers up to my neck. I wanted to scoot pthc porn incest over next to him and touch his body, but I was still confused about everything. If I did something like that, there would be no turning back. Did I really want to make that decision? Screw it. "Do you want to....?" "Huh?" bbs image pthc he said. He pthc laura torrent looked over at me with those beautiful eyes. I couldn't help smiling. "I dono... I just thought..." "Oh!" pthc child model he said, realizing what I had just said. "Oh God yes! I want to!" "I've never pthc ls magazin done this before," I said, embarassed. "At least not with a guy. Heh." "It's alright. I've done it a few times." That came as a shock. "So... are" "Well bbs dark girl pthc what pthc video index do you think? And do you think you aren't?" he said grinning. "I don't pthc land know. Yea, I guess I am gay if we are doing this. Heh." "Are you sure that you want to?" He had a nice, warm voice. "Oh...yes...." * * * He scooted over cp tgp hardcore pthc next to me, and I let his hands run over my body. He caressed my chest and stomach, and I moaned. I was so hard. He slipped under the covers and I felt him pull my hard cock out of my boxers. At first, he was only stroking it, but soon I could feel him licking it, and then he took it into his mouth. He couldn't take homemade pthc clips all 6 inches in, but I didn't care; I was in heaven. "Oh god, you're good...." I moaned. "I've had practice," he replied. "Don't stop." "I pthc site groupsmsncom won't..." He took it into his mouth again and pthc nadia started moving his lips up and down dark studios pthc my shaft, sucking it hard. Then it occurred to me: I was getting close! My penis, which had failed me last Saturday, now was making up for it. Eric wouldn't think I was some freak after all! Eric sucked harder and harder, and soon I came into his mouth. He swallowed it all, and licked the remaining pthc bbs bbs come off my cock. He was good! He crawled back onto his part of the bed and once again pulled the sheets off so that I could see his view pthc naked body. He stroked his penis softly, and looked over at me, smiling. "Can I kiss you?" he asked. "Umm....sure." I smiled. It was the least I could do for him after he gave me best head of my life. He reached over and touched my cheek, then he bestiality pthc pulled close so that our lips were just inches away from each other. His other hand was free, so he was still jerking. He pulled the back of my head in, and we kissed. Soon, I felt his tongue in my mouth, and I decided to fight back. I reached my tongue into his mouth, and we kissed passionately. He came onto himself, and we broke the kiss. I looked down at his hot body, covered in come, and I had the sudden urge to lick it off his his tight abs, so I did. He moaned and collapsed onto my back. When I was done, we kissed again, and held pthc maxwell top 100 me in his arms while we fell asleep. * * * I woke up early in the morning when it was still dark. I looked over at the red numbers on the digital clock and saw that pthc pedo pics vid it was 3:30 AM. I was having a good dream, but I couldn't remember what it was about. Brad was turning in his sleep, so I guessed that he wasn't having such a good dream. I layed back down, looking up at the dark ceiling, and tried to fall asleep, but to no avail. "Eric," I said. "Eric, you there?" I didn't want to disturb him in his sleep, but since he didn't seem to comfortable anyway and I was bored out of my mind, I decided to wake him. pthc kids porn "Eric, wake up." He grunted and rolled over to face pthc free photo me. I saw him squint up at me and say pthc ptsc hussyfan r@ygold softly, "What time is it." "About half past three," I replied. "Hope you don't mind my waking you." "Yea I do, but while I'm awake..." He sat up. "I woke up pthc video preview and couldn't get back to sleep." He scooted over near me, put his arms around my chest, and pthc sandra rested his chin on my shoulder. "If I fall teen ls pthc asleep, wake me up." "Okay," bbs pthc ls I said. He started kissing my neck passionately. I giggled and said, "Oh, you wanna play?" "Hell yes." I turned around to face him and we looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds before jumping into a hot kiss. Tongues flared and I ended up on pthc forum photo top of him, caressing and licking his large pecks and defined abs. pthc mirc He moaned. He pulled bbs nude pthc his boxers off galleries pthc illegal and started wanking. I dived into the bed next to him and copied. We were jerking side by side, and just having him next to me was enough to get me hot. I reached over to jerk him, but he said, "No, I want to see how hot we can get without even touching each other." So we each jerked ourselves, occasionally looking over at each other, but just feeling the heat coming chill pthc top off of his body was enough to make me come. He came soon after with a lot of force. We cleaned each other off and I lay on top of him and finally fell into a half-asleep state. I think he pthc exchange pthc torrents stayed up a while longer, though, because I could hear him talking to me and I think I could also feel his hands brushing through my hair. Even though we had just started messing around, I felt like he was my boyfriend or like we had been together forever. * * * The next day, I woke up to find linda pthc him nude on the couch watching TV. He looked great, and I jumped onto his back from behind. We laughed, and kissed, and then watched TV with me in pthc hard videos pthc anal torrents his cp pics pthc arms. Occasionally, we would grab each other's crotch or feel each other's muscles, but we never really did anything beyond that. He left around 11:00 AM and I couldn't wait until the next time I saw him. Stay tuned! Hopefully, I will continue this series. Once again, If you want to give ask me a few Q's, or comment, my e-mail addy is and once again, thanks!
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